I will write an email marketing campaign that CONNECTS with readers

write an email marketing campaign that CONNECTS with readers

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Description Short and Sweet - 200 Word Email Stronger Benefits - 350 Word Email In-Depth Story + Benefits 500 Words
  A quick story or problem, introduce your product, give the benefits, and call them to act now Longer story, hits more of their pain points, and give stronger benefits before the call to action Powerful Story that hits all their pain points, with irresistible benefits that compel them to buy
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About This Gig

Emails are the closest thing to a real-life conversation you can have with your customers. 

If they’re written with a little bit of flair, imagination, excitement and passion - your customers will feel that. 

When the email is excitedly telling them about a great deal that’s available - they will feel that way too.

That’s how you connect with your readers. Kick them out of the rut-of-boredom with a lively email. 

What’s even better than an email?

Many emails! Send them an email marketing campaign that keeps them on their toes, and reminds them that your company is out there! 

When they’re looking to buy a gift for a special someone, they will go to the business they have a connection with. 

Whether it’s with an email automation campaign, or a drip sequence - build a connection with your readers today, by investing in this special gig offer - 200 Word Email for a 5 (others offer 200 words for $15!). 

No matter what - you’ll always have 2 free revisions, and you’re always completely protected by my 100%-satisfaction money-back-guarantee!

Get this gig today, and send some exciting emails to your customers!