I will give you an advice session on skype

give you an advice session on skype

About This Gig

Hey what's up guys. I'm kinda new to this site, but it seems pretty cool.

So to not bore you with too much stuff about me, I really like helping people out. It makes me happier than anything in this world. It makes me feel good to make others feel happy or better. I actually aspire to become a therapist after I graduate high school.

Anyway, for my service on Fiverr, I offer an indefinite-long Skype session of listening to your troubles, and offering advice if you would like it. Sometimes, a stranger's non-bias can be quite helpful.

So yeah. Hope to maybe help some friends out here. :)

In case you'd like to sort of, test me out before you do anything rash, you can hear me ramble nonsensically about dumb things on my YouTube account, JTCowner.

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