I will create a playable pokémon map for you

About This Gig


I will create you a playable Pokémon map in either RPGMaker XP or Advanced Map. I will use the default Pokémon tileset (Graphical Style) unless another one is provided by the buyer.


  • The map will be provided in .rxdata for RPGMaker requests, alongside a .rxproj file so that they can be easily copied over to your own personal RPGMaker Game. The maps will be created assuming Pokemon Essentials is being used, but absolutely no Essentials files will be distributed to the buyer.

  • For ROM Hacking projects, the file will be distributed in a .map format, which can be read by the popular program Advanced Map.


I am the creator of Pokémon Alchemist and have created maps for various fangames, including: Pokémon Noon, Super Mario Bros: Capture Quest and Countryball: Catch 'em All. I have countless hours of experience with both ROM Hacking and RPG Maker.

Absolutely no copyrighted material can or will exchange hands. Please operate using RPG Maker assets or patch files! NO .GBA AT ALL

About The Seller

  • FromUnited States
  • Member sinceAug 2020
  • Avg. response time1 hour
  • Last delivery2 days
Pokémon fangame developer. I am the creator of Pokémon Alchemist, and have worked on a variety of different fangame projects. I am experienced with both RPGMaker XP and Advanced Map. Let me map for you!