I will do 30 min talk time to your list

do 30 min talk time to your list
do 30 min talk time to your list

About This Gig

 I am a treasure hunter on the phone! 

 That does not include the time that it takes for me to practice.

Mystery calls are welcomed!
 It could take up to a week for me to get to you. If you need it faster, message me and I will see if what I can do. Sometimes, I can get it done that day or the next day.

     That is the best deal that I can afford to give. The orders that you see that were not delivered were on 4th of July week. I could not call on the 4th and had some set backs and did not catch up because of not being able to work on that Monday.Then, they canceled. We only get paid if we deliver! 

      I have experience calling automobile, insurance, hearing aide, phone, cleaning leads, real estate,website services and mystery shopping.I am open to making calls to other types of leads if you do not see it listed here. 

       Please, order some gigs and help me and my cat Laffey be able to eat better! Thank you!


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