I will create an instrumental cover of any song

create an instrumental cover of any song
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create an instrumental cover of any song

About This Gig

For a base $5 I will take any song of your choosing and create an instrumental version of it to be used as background music or for karaoke. I will be using professional-grade software and hardware to create them for you. The pricing depends on the number of instruments I will include in the final product, and is as follows:

  • Up to 2 instruments and 2 minutes for $5 total
  • For every extra instrument, it's another $5
  • For extra time it's $5 per minute per instrument
  • So for example a 2-minute cover with 5 instruments will cost $20 (5+3*5)
  • Please note that instruments with 2 staves (eg. piano) count as 2.

Things I need:
Sheet music -- if no sheet music is provided, it'll be an extra $15 and 2 more days.

For extras, I can:
  • Deliver it extra speedily -- I can deliver the cover in just three days
  • Provide an additional revision (without the extra I'll do two revisions)
  • Include professional studio effects such as reverb, EQ, delay, panning, compression, etc.
  • Send sheet music in PDF
  • Send the Ableton project file
  • Accurately include tempo changes throughout

I'd highly recommend you contact me first before buying so I can check out the song first and make sure the pricing is correct. Thanks for stopping by!