I will format your books into Kindle or Create space for Amazon

format your books into Kindle or Create space for Amazon

About This Gig


I'm pleased to announce to you that I now proofread and edit documents, power-points etc.

Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting" I believe in God and his awesome powers

I will add life to your EBook by professionally formatting and creatively structuring the:
- Headings
- Sub-Headings

- Headers
- Footers
- Clickable Table of Contents
- Color Schemes 
- Fonts
- Adjusting Spacing
- Alignment
- Image Formation & Positioning 
- Overall Styling 

... and will convert your Ebook into a spectacular piece of art. 

God has gifted me with a spectacular aesthetic sense and I wish to utilize my skills and talent in the best possible way. 

Please message me for the price quote and turnaround time before you place any order. Prices vary according to the page count, type and format of the EBook. But I assure you that due to my ultimate quality of work everyone is a happy customer at my stop! 

Depending upon the magnitude of the changes, Large or Exceptional Changes will require you to order more Gigs.

Regular Delivery Time is 3-4 Days but Large Orders will require more days irrespective of the Fiverr Timer. 

You can buzz! me anytime you want. see ya

Thank you

Order Details

1 day delivery

Proofreeding,Editing & Formatting

i will Proofread, format and edit your ebooks following create space, amazon, Kindle specifications.