I will run a background check

run a background check
run a background check
run a background check

About This Gig


Search anyone in America, and you could get immediate access to their criminal records, related court documents, addresses, real age, and known aliases.

If you suspect that someone in your life may have a history of violence, the safest way to know for sure is to perform a public arrest records search. With this gig, you can search for felony and misdemeanor offenses, as well as other infractions such as speeding tickets. You’ll instantly expose whether a person has been arrested, charged, or even booked into jail. Is there a felon, a sex offender, or a former inmate on your block? Search criminal records to find out.

For $5 I will verify IF a criminal record exists for your individual

Add [BRONZE PACKAGE] I will include report for you that includes the Official Birthdate, Phone #, Physical Address 

Add [SILVER PACKAGE] - Includes everything in the Bronze Package PLUS Arrest Record Details, Related People, Social Media Accounts

Add [GOLD PACKAGE] - Includes everything in the Silver Package PLUS Civil Judgements, Foreclosures, Email Addresses, Tax Liens, Properties Owned, Voter Registration, Permits, and MUCH MORE!