I will help you make a hard decision in 10mins

help you make a hard decision in 10mins

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Description This or That? The Full Story EXCRUCIATING Detail
  Quick, 5-minute Skype call. Between 2 options, I tell you what decision I'd make. Give me full context in 10 minutes, and up to 4 options. I pick a choice accordingly. Full, 30-minute exploration of all the choices
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About This Gig

Life is full of hard decisions. You're only one person with one perspective on what to do. That's why there's your neighborhood JuiceGal, willing to hear out the story and help you make good decisions at the end. 

If you want to take a look at this from the opposite angle, you can say that I'm helping you avoid BAD decisions.

I'm here for all kinds of questions, from personal relationship advice to what you should eat on Thursday morning before going to work. Please note that I am not liable for the fallout of any bad choices made--that'd be your choice to make here :^

  • $5 for a 5-minute Skype session, in which I make a basic choice between 2 options.
  • $10 for a 10-minute session, where I listen to the full context and make a choice between up to 4 options.