I will remove negative energies from your pet for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
remove negative energies from your pet
remove negative energies from your pet

About This Gig

Does your dog, cat, horse ... suffer from inexplicable fears, is irritable, acts weird, or has physical symptoms? The blocks contributing to these problems can be resolved within minutes: Animals, just like humans, can be thrown off kilter by trauma and negative emotions, and can develop emotional and physical symptoms as a result.

These stuck negative energies can easily be released  with The Emotion Code, a super-powerful energy work technique.

I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner and help animals by dissolving the energy blocks that keep them out of balance. Doubtful about this? Animals don't lie, so you will know for sure whether it worked. Try it! :)

How this works

Name the issue your animal suffers from and I'll do a remote session for it, releasing 5 trapped emotions from its body. Written report included.


An Emotion Code session does not a replace/constitute a medical consultation/treatment. For medical treatment, pls consult a vet. After a session, symptoms can intensify before there is a release. By ordering this gig, you agree to these terms.