I will constructively critique your Instagram

constructively critique your Instagram

About This Gig

Are you asking yourself why your Instagram is not popular?
Are you trying to make it cool and trendy?
Are you doing your best and posting many beautiful photos but your number of followers and likes is still low?
Are you trying to advertise your business on IG but you don't know how?

I can help you and your Instagram to become much more trendy!

Just buy 1 Gig and I will look over your photos and everything connected to them.
I will tell you what is really good on your account and what isn't. I will give you some pieces of advice so that your IG would become much more popular.

I am a young person who has been on Instagram since 2012.
I own a popular IG and I really know what people like to follow. Trust me, I will not let you down! :)