I will scientifically analyse your text with specialised software

About This Gig


My work in linguistics/stylometrics lead me to co-writing a program designed to analyse various linguistic aspects (of texts) that are typically outside the remit of proofreaders.

The program compares your text against all the books in the Google Books database (within your specified time period) and is able to spot:

1. Subtle mistakes or awkward linguistic eccentricities

2. Words that rarely/never appear in other similar published books

3. Over/under used words (compared to other publications)

4. Words that don't fit with the setting of the text (i.e. anachronistic words in a historical context, etc.)

5. Words that may have connotations that detract/distract from your message (i.e. your background, age group, country of origin, etc.)

This service is useful for:

1. Writers looking for insights into their work in order to improve it or increase their chances of getting published

2. Publishers/editors looking for a quick way to analyse a text

For more information, please refer to the gig images above (these include samples of what you will receive).

All rights remain solely yours and all files are deleted upon completion of the analysis.

Thank you!

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