I will translate English to French flawlessly

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translate English to French flawlessly
translate English to French flawlessly
translate English to French flawlessly

About This Gig

Hello! My name is Julie and I'll be your french translator :) 

When it comes to french translation, you need someone whose first language is French, because despite being a beautiful and poetic language, it's very tricky to learn and extremely complex. That's why you need a french speaker and not just someone who took french courses on the side. I don't use any automatic tools (e.g. google translate) so that I can convey the real sense of your text

           Price = Your number of words / 80
                      (400 words for 5$)

Option #1 : Buy a gig directly (FOR 800 WORDS OR LESS)

  • For 800 words or less, you can't directly buy a gig without contacting me first. 
  • 5$ = 400 words,  10$ = 800 words
  • For more than 800 words, please contact me : 

Option #2 : Contact me via inbox

 What I need when you contact me :
  • The number of words 
  • The document, if possible. If not, the subject of your text. 
  • For websites : please consult the FAQ section 
I usually reply in less than 5 hours (daytime in Montreal) and will send you a custom offer corresponding to the number of words in your document.

Looking forward to work with you ! 

Order Details

3 days delivery

One gig = 400 words (5$ USD)

Your document has 400 words or less. If it has more words, please consult the options below.

  • Up to 400 Words
  • Proofreading

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I expect ?
    A truly logical translation, like it was written originally in French and not in English. Your readers won't be able to see that your text has been translated from another language. I don't use Google Translate, so you won't get the horrible word-to-word effect.
  • What is your price ?
    My rate is 400 words for 5$. Which means that you have to divide the number of words contained in your document by "80" (Ex.1000 words / 80 = 13$). You can also directly book with the options offered but it'll be more expensive because Fiverr only calculate by gap of 5$. (1000 words = 15$)
  • Do you translate websites ?
    I do, but : 1) I don't translate websites over 6000 words 2) I need the word count when you contact me 3) I don't translate directly from the websites, so I'll need a document containing everything that has to be translated (so that I won't forget anything, websites can be tricky sometimes ;)
  • Do you offer revision ?
    I always revise the text before sending it to you. I use a software to ensure that there's no grammar errors or typos that are sometimes invisible when you read a text. Afterwards, I read the text as a whole to make sure that everything is coherent and logical.