I will do data entry and web scraping for $5

3 Days On Average
do data entry and web scraping
do data entry and web scraping

About This Gig

data entry - gathering data from a website and entering it into a spreadsheet
build a database of business contacts
web scraping

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'll be glad to know your requirement and potentially hard worked to fulfill your requirement.

I can help you  with creating PHP web  scraper (crawler, parser) script if you need to get content from some site or I can parse CSV, Text files for you. This gig include scraping one HTML page of some site(one CSV, Text file..) ..Also I'm available to implement some additional features if you need:

Scraper script can be adopted:
  •  to store data in database 
  •  to show content on frontend with using HTML & CSS & jQuery 
  •  to download images
  •  to create CSV, TXT MYSQL SQL or other type of file as output
  • to be controlled over user interface  that contains input fields