I will fix and Restore Your Hacked Wordpress Website in 2 hours

fix and Restore Your Hacked Wordpress Website in 2 hours

About This Gig

Unfortunately, due to its huge popularity (WordPress powers over 25% of the internet) WordPress is a target for hackers. In some cases you may not even know you've been hacked until its too late and...

- your server shuts you down for sending spam
- you can't access the backend of your site
- your google search results are being redirected elsewhere
- your homepage is advertising a hacker/liberation army/viagra

All of the above situations and many others I have cleaned up successfully within 2 hours average.

Included in this Gig:
  1. I will identify and clean any malicious code
  2. Restore any damaged files
  3. Recover any lost data to get your website back online and fully functional

Such a process can be difficult for an average WordPress user with no tech knowledge but with my programming skills I can complete this task within 2 hours.

Check Gig Extras for:
  • Comprehensive Report on how the hack was perpetrated
    Only if I find the cause/hole
  • List of files or offending plugins that were hacked, and safe recommended alternatives to the plugins/themes that were hacked
  • Install some primary security measures to ensure that the site to stay safe in future

Order Details

Basic WordPress Security

- Wordpress Cleanup - Backup Restore

1 day delivery