I will optimise the hell out of your WordPress SEO

optimise the hell out of your WordPress SEO

About This Gig

Please note this gig uses the latest techniques, and optimizes your site for the latest search engine algorithms.

I will install and configure several systems to improve your Wordpress website's SEO:

  • Optimizing Meta tags, including title, keywords and descriptions.
  • I will perform keyword (search query) analysis.
  • improve your captioning and image tags.
  • Install and configure the Platinum SEO Pack, Yoast, All-in-one, or other preference you have for a WordPress SEO plugin (I will of course make a recommendation if you don't have a preferred plugin!)
  • Ensure your H1, H2 and H3 tags are being used effectively.
  • Setup and configure a sitemap.xml file, and submit it to main search engines.
  • If appropriate, configure SEs to maximize your search results for a particular country or geographic region.
  • Ensure robots.txt file is configured correctly
  • Make sure your URLs are search engine friendly (and human readable)

After the work is complete I will send you details of the work I performed.

This is entirely "White-Hat" work. I do not do anything to try to trick Google, rather I give Google and the other major engine's exactly what they ask for.

Order Details

1 day delivery

SEO Solution

Optimize the hell out of your WordPress SEO

  • SEO Report
  • SEO Optimization