I will teach you how to develop your voice

teach you how to develop your voice
teach you how to develop your voice
teach you how to develop your voice
teach you how to develop your voice
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Description Intro to voice video Full vocal exercises package video Personal Consult Video
  Basic intro to vocal development with two beginning exercises. Four exercises and instruction on each and its purpose, plus demonstration. We analyze the persons vocal demo, make recomendations, and send five exercises with instruction.
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About This Gig

We teach strength training to develop your voice for any purpose whether it be singing, public speaking, or just to gain confidence. It's always good to find one's voice. The instruction is in depth at the Standard and Personal Consult level, and you'll get results in four lessons, plus you can use this forever with consistent development! The price is what we charge at our school, but you'll get us on a video forever! 
We also offer consults as 'custom' offers. These lessons are specialized, tailored just for you, and on video.
You'll need 'Dropbox' or Google Drive to receive them. You can enjoy years of development and consult every now and then. It's easy and fun and as long as you do this at least once a week, results will happen by the fourth lesson! We've been in business since 1989.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much exercise is too much?
    You should always let your voice rest a day in between. Think of it as going to a gym, you don't want to work the same muscles everyday.
  • Can anyone learn to sing?
    Yes! With the proper instruction and dedication. We have never had any student in 27 years that couldn't. They become good enough for their personal enjoyment or Karaoke singing for fun.
  • How long before I experience development?
    Three to four lessons. Muscles are different in everyone; the fourth lesson is always a game-changer in our experience.
  • If I can't sing in pitch, is it permanent?
    No, humans memorize tone; you can be taught that. It will take a little longer, but we teach tone memorization.
  • How long does confidence take to happen with your method?
    Two to three months of practice once a week for one hour.
  • How long is the first video for $5.00?
    Probably ten minutes or so. You just start the video as many times as you want, and practice as much as you want. Results happen in two weeks, for ten minutes three times a week for the first two introductory exercises. They are easy, and work fast.
  • How long have you been a Voice Teacher?
    27 years.
  • If I buy the Personal Consult Package, can I get a recorded audio critique?
    Yes! We allow up to three.
  • Are you a singer?
    Yes. I've been an Professional Entertainer since 1974.
  • Can we purchase regular 'ala carte' sessions with you?
    Yes, you can purchase them through the Custom Offer's after purchasing either the second or third tier packages because they come with the recorded exercises that we email you. The sessions are 45 minutes long.