I will run an rpg of your choice for you and your friends

run an rpg of your choice for you and your friends

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About This Gig

I will put together and run a roleplaying game of your choice for you and your friends.  I can completely tailor the game to your specifications or surprise you, whichever you prefer.  I'm also more than willing to teach the game as I go if anybody needs assistance.

I'm well acquainted with:
Dungeons and Dragons 3.5/Pathfinder and 5e
Mutants and Masterminds 2e or 3e
New World of Darkness
Shadowrun 3e or 5e
Star Wars D20 or SAGA
D20 Modern
Paranoia XP

If you have your heart set on a system you don't see listed then just add the appropriate Extra for your first purchase and I'll add it to my repertoire just for you!  If you have a concept that you want to play, but no system in mind then I'll do whatever I can to make that concept come to life.

After getting the necessary information I will arrange a session to be played at your convenience; hosted on Roll20 or another site which meets your needs.  If a real time game isn't your cup of tea, then my basic $5 service will also cover an entire of month of Play By Post to accommodate the slower pace!