I will do Complete Mobile App Marketing for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
do Complete Mobile App Marketing
do Complete Mobile App Marketing

About This Gig

So you've got an Android app that you're ready to launch, but out of several different Apps on the Play Store, how do you make your App stand out..??

What do you need to do.. it's simple..Just order this gig & you can relax while I will take care of your Complete App Marketing across all channels!!

I will implement a Google AdWords Mobile App Campaign based on your precise requirements and business objectives. 

The Basic $5 Gig Offers:

I will give you an idea about Mobile Marketing

All Gig Extras will include : 

  • Complete Mobile App Campaign Setup
  • Fit the most relevant Ad inventory and Placements available 
  • Exposure across all major Channels (Search and Google Play)
  • Search partners (optional but highly recommended)
  • Promotions on Other Apps
  • Mobile websites of news sites, blogs, and other sites across the Internet
  • Youtube mobile app and desktop site promotions (Your campaign video is required)

Order now and relax while I help you grow your business!

Please note : This Gig is Applicable for Android Apps Only (Must be on the Play Store)