I will make your proposals more convincing

make your proposals more convincing

About This Gig

so you finally decided to be a businessman/businesswoman. you finally decided to take your first step towards never being broke. you no longer want to be ordered around and frustrated over a small paycheck, but rather have things under control. you are now going to have a better life for yourself and family; more time, more money..................... wait a minute! you don't even have a clue about how to go through with all this. what's the point, then? you need help urgently about how those ideas you have will flourish. you need to know how your business ought to be managed from scratch to shine. well, not to worry, i believe i can give you creative simple solutions to that.
now that stage is past, but you still need financing, so you decide to walk up to a bank or any potential sponsor, but you need a plan (a really convincing one), but you just don't seem to get what you want yet, or probably don't even know what to write. well, that's where i come in again - to make it more convincing, help you emphasize the points that WILL catch the attention of whoever reads it, and make sure it looks realistic enough to make them bring down the capital rain on your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can i be sure my ideas will be well understood?
    well, let's just say i understand the language of business. all i need is for you to relate what you have in mind, and see it get transformed into a real convincing piece
  • can i also get helpful tips for my business?
    sure. in fact, every regular order gets FREE TIPS for their businesses