I will create an animated video about your service

Absolutely outstanding job! Definitely over delivered on the project. Thanks again!!!
Reviewed by marcus1lane about 3 years ago
create an animated video about your service
create an animated video about your service

About This Gig

  • Give your potential customers a description of your product/service with an animated video presentation . This will enhance your performance in the market place.

  • For example - your dental clinic, chiropractor, baby sitting service, Spanish lessons, Fiverr gig, guitar lessons, yoga classes, calligraphy lessons, raw food diet, church activities, etc, etc.  Whatever you want (within the Fiverr terms of service).

  • Each video is approximately 30 seconds duration. The style, background, animated character & music will be the same as the sample video shown above. So all you have to do is send me your text, which can be up to 80 words. If you want an original design with a different animated character please ask and I will give you a quote.

  •  With music playing in the background your viewers will more easily be converted into customers.

  • Any questions or special requests ? Please feel free to ask. 

  • Fiverr gig code 204