I will explain about First Year Marriage Survival

explain about First Year Marriage Survival
explain about First Year Marriage Survival

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This course is divided into 9 chapters. The text is presented in 9 videos with music playing in the background, similar to the sample video shown above. So each video is 1 chapter & lasts about 3 minutes. The last chapter is about 7 minutes.

Surviving your first year of marriage when you are a new couple can be challenging, especially if you are still learning about the other person. Generally, it is better to get to know someone before getting married but we all know this isn't how things happen in life. You meet someone special who melts your heart and next thing you know, you're head over heels for them. Already, you've been thinking of getting married and rush into things too soon. We've seen it so many times before with couples all over the world. 

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Survival and marriage
  • Chapter 3: Difficulties of the first marriage
  • Chapter 4: The possible solutions to the marriage problems
  • Chapter 5: The types of education for early marriages
  • Chapter 6: The basic soft skills for newly married couples
  • Chapter 7: The hard skills that are needed by the newly married couples
  • Chapter 8: The benefits of marriage survival
  • Chapter 9: The A-Z marriage secrets and tips