I will explain about Stability For Seniors

explain about Stability For Seniors
explain about Stability For Seniors

About This Gig

Feeling unsteadiness on your feet? Learn how to regain your balance & stability and live your life feeling strong & secure. 

To some, the fear of falling may seem trivial. Yet to the 65+ age group, this can be a stressful thing.Studies show that people who fall during their senior years are much more prone to injury

What You'll Learn

  • Introduction
  • Why Do We Fall?
  • Loss Of Traction/Footing
  • Tripping - Aging - Vision Problems
  • Muscle Atrophy And Strength Loss
  • Who Is Most Likely To Fall?
  • People With Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Am I Susceptible To Falling?
  • Have You Been Physically Active For Years?
  • Are You Still Exercising Now?
  • What Type Of Exercise Do You Do?
  • Muscle Memory
  • Consuming Alcohol
  • Instability Prevention
  • Dislocation/Fractures
  • Committing To Exercise Daily
  • Get Your Vision Checked
  • Get Good Footwear
  • Get Your Blood Pressure Checked
  • Know The Side Effects Of Your Medication
  • Eliminate Hazards At Home
  • What Sort Of Exercise Should I Do?
  • Work On Your Stamina - Core Training
  • What If I Can't Join A Pilates Or Yoga Class?
  • Core Training At Home - Planks
  • Strength Training - Using Weights
  • Stability Training Methods
  • Stability Supports
  • Walking Canes - Walkers
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Begin The Road To Recovery Or Prevention
  • And Much More!