I will create a personal energizer for children

create a personal energizer for children

About This Gig

Being a substitute at primary schools has got it's downsides, learning thirty new names almost every week isn't that easy if you've got the memory of a fish. However, it does learn one to become an excelent improviser!

So whether you're teaching a foreign language to children, you want to start your historylesson with something fun or you just want them to learn when they need to SHUT UP.... I can give you a tested, fun and easy way to do it!

For 5 $ I will create one personal energizer, suitable for the type of situation you're in. The energizer will be one I've used or have seen used, so I'm sure it's practical and usable. 

Additional pricing for a video of me explaining/showing the energizer.
Additional pricing for adapting an energizer.

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2 days delivery