I will record a male voice over narration Today

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record a male voice over narration Today
record a male voice over narration Today
record a male voice over narration Today
record a male voice over narration Today
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About This Gig

Hello there! I'm Jay.

I will record a PROFESSIONAL male voice over narration 150 words or less for only $5Available 365 days a year!

*Please message me for a quote 1,000 words+
* My cellphone need to be replaced so, my response time might be longer than average for the next 24 hours.

Here's how my gig works:

  1. You place an order for your male voice over or narration, provide me with details (script, and any other information)
  2. I review your script and ask or answer any questions
  3. I step into a booth like a superhero record up to 150 words for only $5 (add 1 gig extra for every additional 100 words)
  4. I magically deliver your mp3 file (or see extras).
  5. You are amazed, leave me great feedback!
  6. You come back and we do it again..

Please contact me to receive my demos via file.

Order Details

2 days delivery

American male Voice Over Artist

150 words or less! Check out gig extras, lets do this.

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Number of words
This Package includes 150 words. For each additional 100 words, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I noticed that you don't have any files of previous work displayed in your portfolio, why is that?
    Well, some of my clients prefer it that way because of NDA's or confidentiality as a whole. So I've just disabled my live portfolio so that everything remains confidential between us.
  • Do you offer revisions for my order and what do you consider a revision?
    The answer is yes. I consider a revision when your order has already been placed recorded and you make a 'revision' to the script. I don't charge you extra for my mistakes, which unfortunately can happen, I'm only human.
  • What exactly is "Commercial Use" and how do I know if I need it?
    Commercial Use is if you intended on using the recorded for any business purpose whatsoever to generate profit. Examples: You're putting together a video for youtube to advertise your product(s), YES. You're a non-profit website that needs a voice over to provide information, NO.
  • What is your average response time when I send you a message?
    Well, in most cases I will respond to you within 1 hour or less. As my description states, I am on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. To date I've done business with over 30% of the world, so I need to continue to be available to my clients who at times have 'RUSH ORDERS'.
  • So, if I have a video, script and I need you to provide a Voice-Over, Royalty-Free Music and Sync to Video you can?
    Absolutely! I've worked on many projects which requiring me to do these things. It's best to provide me with a downloadable file of your video, (if you wanted me to use your music), etc. So that I can have all the files necessary to complete your project in a timely fashion.
  • Do you audition for projects when asked?
    Yes and No. It depends on my interest level, what determines my interest level? - Will you be providing me a copy after post production? - Are you looking to form a long-term relationship? - Am I intrigued by the script, project and it's something I can't pass up? Lastly, $$$$?
    Challenge accepted! Message me and find out.
  • What are some things I should consider regarding my voiceover?
    Well, typically a conversational tone is delivered between 120-165 words per minute. The slower will including some pauses, i.e (after a ? to allow the listener a moment of relection). Also consider if your VO project is a Radio or TV project because visual guides could potentially slow the pacing.