I will help you heal an emotional wound

help you heal an emotional wound

About This Gig

  • Do find yourself hurting over a recent or past experience?
  • Have you been hurt by a bad breakup, a rejection or other big disappointment?
  • Do you go through phases where you can't seem to put the negative thoughts surrounding the experience out of your mind? 
  • Do you wish you could put it out of your mind? Or stop thinking about it as much?

I have an exercise that can help. A lot! 

I will guide you through the process of writing a letter to your past self. Writing a letter to yourself at the moment in time before the bad experience happened can help you deal with the way you are being affected now.

The process of writing a letter to yourself:
- encourages you to acknowledge how the experience made you feel and how it continues to impact your life 
- will help you get control of the issues you need to deal with
- will help you see that you have made progress in dealing with your pain
- gives you a proactive way to face your difficulties

When you buy the gig, I will send you an outline of exactly how to start thinking about your letter. I'll provide a list of resources and letters by others to help kick start your thinking, including a powerful letter I wrote to myself and published online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a therapist?
    Nope. I'm not a therapist, social worker or psychiatrist. If you're seeking a qualified mental health professional, I am not your gal. I'm a writer who has my own struggles and have used this technique to deal with my own problems. I've found it tremendously helpful!