I will proof read and edit your fiverr tip

proof read and edit your fiverr tip
proof read and edit your fiverr tip

About This Gig

Your Fiverr tip may not reflect well on you as a seller. Maybe the English is badly structured, or there are incorrect words. I will proofread your fiverr tip, revise it and make it read better. That will ensure that your profile is not marred by a piece of bad English and the bad English doesn't stop people from applying the tip you presented. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the tip length matter?
    No. Any length of tip will be looked at. However, if the tip actually includes several tips that would be several gigs.
  • Do you slavishly follow grammar rules?
    No. I understand the thrust of marketing and the conversational style often adopted and will ensure that style is continued in the revised tip
  • Can you make up a tip and write it for me?
    No. This Gig is purely about you getting your tip down and then I'll edit it for you
  • Can I just use bullet points for the tip I send to you?
    You can. I will then flesh out the tip into a better form of English that reads well. However, that will also be an extra gig