I will guide you to take relation decision based on astrology

guide you to take relation decision based on astrology

About This Gig

Are you having relationship Problem?

It could be temporary or permanent. How will you find out? You can buy our compatibility report and we can match your horoscope with your partner's horoscope and we will also compare current transit to make sure that the problem you are facing is temporary or you are permanently mismatched nature.

Sometimes good people get separated or divorced because of temporary problem and we can guide you distinguishing between two.

This same gig also can be bought if you are considering entering in to relationship to see if you two will get along well life time or it's temporary attraction.

Very useful gig to save money and save life by not wasting money on lawyer in future for divorce or save life by not wasting years with wrong partner.

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Relationship Compatibility Analysis

This gig will be helpful in doing analysis between you and your partner to see how compatible are u

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