I will translate up to 1000 words into Serbian for you

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translate up to 1000 words into Serbian for you

About This Gig

I can translate an article (or any other kind of text) of 1000 words or less from English to perfect Serbian since I'm a born and raised Serbian and also very proficient in English.

you probably won't find native translators that are willing to do 1000 word text,for 5$ only,professionally that is.

from the moment you provide me with the 1000 word text or less,i'll contact you within 48 hour window that i'm done translating,and you'll get translated version of text.if you have any special requests or anything of that sort,please let me know beforehand.As i'll translate texts that are aimed for general public,any scientific texts or anything of that sort are 10$ extra,and you'll need to wait 1 extra day for the translation.Sorry about that.

Also,repeated buyers will always have some sort of a bonus. ;)

NOTICE: if i fail to deliver on time,every 12 hours i'm late you have 500 bonus FREE words that i'll translate! (don't get hyped too soon,this will probably never happen,but still,a token of my dedication to the job.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a file with 1000 (+1-20) words can you still translate it?
    actually i can,the thing is,i provide this for my regular customers aka the ones that ordered 3 or more gigs from me.
  • what are the benefits for "us" the loyal customers?
    after your 10th order every 3rd one gets you one of the following benefits: - 500 free words* - free specialized text translation* - getting your order of 1000 words done in 5 hours or less.*
  • Who handles my translations?
    There are 3 of us in the team ,we are all freelance translators making a few bucks aside translating.