I will answer any serious question to help you for $5

answer any serious question to help you
answer any serious question to help you

About This Gig

Life is misleading similar to the image above, if you observe a moment, seems the imagen have movement, but it is actually not have movement, is a visual effect. Likewise, the people seek clear answers concerning many topics or situations, these persons want make a decision about a situation or about the present or future plans, other times they want to know if they are right or not, needed the opinion of a third person, but they not have someone who respond seriously, someone who understand the problem in an impartial manner, additionally that be honest,... Usually, you will find fake psychics and witches who offer lies, because they do not know nothing.
Looking the before situation, I decided to use my ancestral PERSONAL ORACLE and my knowledge, to help and guide these people, on any subject, provided it is in this life, preferably something personal. You can also make personal psychic consultation, I will answer even if is a response contrary to your expectations... IF YOU WANT A SERIOUS ANSWER, PLEASE CONSULT ME. (English or Spanish). 
Note: I do not consult dead people, because that is a sham, Nor gambling or lotteries.