I will locate in which Continent is your soulmate for $5

locate in which Continent is your soulmate
locate in which Continent is your soulmate

About This Gig

What people has called "soulmate" is actually the energy essences each person, and that best complement each other, with similar causalities, because their causalities have encounter points, between them. But for locate each person, the ancestral Magic, uses a portals system, through of hundreds of energetic portals existent in network of this planet.

Science has recently discovered the main points or nodes, but our descendants of ancestral wizards, we know from a thousands years ago where are located each of these portals across the network on the planet, which allows us to verify the presence of the ideal person. We can only identify geographically which is the Continent where that person is located; (for Country, State, or city please check extras) which is very helpful. Because is not allows us reveal if that person is married or not, age, name, etc.

 Note: Although we believe 100% in what we do, and we know that what we do is real. If you are married, is compromised with someone or has a relationship, or a similar, please do not request this Gigs, to avoid potential conflicts in your life, because the answer might not coincide with your current partner.