I will be your startup or business consultant

be your startup or business consultant

About This Gig

Show me a napkin business plan and together we will turn it into a successful, working business. I love blending new ideas, technology and user experience to get kick-ass product to the market. With 3 startups founded, I have learned more than my Masters Degree could offer. 

I will evaluate your startup idea/pitch focusing on a number of factors, including but not limited to: (This is the basic $5 gig)

Will your startup work?
*Unique Value Proposition
*Demand for Product/Service
*Barriers to entry

I know you're super excited about your startup idea, but before you invest any time & money into it, why not test it on someone who will straight talk whether it's worth it or not.

With the premium gig, (check extras) you get: 

  • Full Idea Development
  • Idea range to business application
  • Business Name
  • Introduction
  • Mission and Objectives
  • Key to Success
  • Products 
  • Services
  • Marketing Strategy

This will be delivered either in Word or PDF format.