I will get you 1000 Twitter Followers

get you 1000 Twitter Followers

About This Gig

The Base gig is just is for 5$ its 1000 f o l l o w e r s

100% REAL   F O L L O W E R S   NO EGGS!!

I can get as many    F o ll o w e r s     as you like from 1000 & 10,000 

  • 1000 = 5$
  • 10K= 20$

Just give me your username and i can drive as many  f o l l o w e r s towards your account but not just any but real and targeted audience who will be potentials advertisers and clients ofcourse and many more

Please note it can take up to 24 hours for Followers to be applied to your account.`

and what i can also do is do it Manually 

just give me your twitter credentials like username & Password

im here because i love following people and specially to get challenged to  F o l l o w  targeted people on twitter just tell what kind of niche market you are searching for and i will make shure you will get them

I can follow a certain list on twitter give me the owner of the list and will  F o l l o w  the list for you and you will get a crowd

  • (Max 500 for 5$ 1000 for 10$)etc