About This Gig

                       Best Couples Testimonial Gig

  • Full High-Definition 1080p Video Quality FREE
  • Tons of acting experience - *We don't look like we're reading a script!*

 1 order = 30 Seconds of footage (or 80 spoken words)


~~Script Writing is NOT Free - Please have your script ready before ordering.
Scripts must be 100% ready to go and must be able to be read word for word on a teleprompter.  I will not edit , shorten , or re-write scripts for free.
Script Writing is +$5 per Minute of script that you need for your video.
Simply provide us with a few important things we should mention and maybe your website for us to gather more information ONLY if your are buying the script from us.

Adult-Related videos or testimonials of that nature are +$10 min

  • Include a Picture or Logo $5ea
  • Include music YOU Provide $10
  • Include music  I provide $20
  • Include On-screen text or Yourwebsite Address as Text on the video $5
  • GreenScreen FX /Background Change +$10 <--Unavailable At this time