I will transcribe any song for you

transcribe any song for you

About This Gig

Get fresh, homemade sheet music for your song!

  • Get transcriptions that are accurate, professional, and polished!
  • Music is done using the MuseScore notation software. 
  • Your music is transcribed by a professional. I have been playing the piano for over 14 years and have been transcribing, arranging, and notating music for almost 5 years. My account (on MuseScore) has one of the most popular transcriptions on the site.

Anything goes!

  • I take virtually anything. Pop, classical, R&B, blues, hip-hop, you name it! I will do whatever it takes to bring your song to life!
  • Instrumentals, as well as vocals (even a cappella!) are accepted.

Originals get promoted!

  • I do special work for those that submit original stuff to me (even covers will do). I'll promote your sheet music on several sites of which I'm popular on (and give you all credit, of course!)
  • I can even perform your music! (This only goes for piano music. However, in the future I might do guitar as well. I can also sing, by the way haha.)

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