I will cast a Boss Fix spell for your career

cast a Boss Fix spell for your career

About This Gig

Having a hard time with your boss at work? Are they on your case all the time, disrespectful, make work conditions unbearable, or refuse to listen to your ideas or give you a raise?

Some bosses are good and some bosses are bad, but no matter who you hired you or how you are treated now, you want to get right with your boss and enjoy improved working conditions, more respect, better wages, job promotions, and other added benefits. BOSS FIX spell is for getting your boss to get off your back, to favour your more and to give you the promotion and raise you want (see GIG EXTRAs)

It is used to sweeten your boss or to dominate him or her.

See GIG EXTRA's if you want a raise or a promotion.

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3 days delivery


Cast a spell to give you favour with your boss