I will cast a powerful Goetia revenge spell on your enemy

cast a powerful Goetia revenge spell on your enemy

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Has someone hurt you so badly but you can't get even with them because you don't want to lose your career, family or worse, end up in prison? Don't be passive and wait for karma to work on them. If anyone has harmed YOU or your loved ones in any way and you can't legally get back at them, this is THE spell for you.

This goetic revenge spell will allow you to get even with your enemies while sitting in the comfort of your home, without ANYONE suspecting you of ANYTHING!

Once the spell is cast, you will gradually see your enemy's life turn to shit. Their lives will go downhill so fast, they will not have time to investigate what went wrong.


Easy! I just need the target's full name, date of birth and a picture (so the spell can be more aggressive and produce instant results). If you have all this, we can get started on inflicting misery on your enemies!

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A black magic spell that will destroy your enemies, emotionally, financially & professionally.

3 days delivery