I will edit your wedding movie

edit your wedding movie
edit your wedding movie

About This Gig

Are you not happy with how your wedding movie was edited?
Do you wish you could re-edit the movie and make it more watchable?

Contact me, I will RE-edit your wedding movie for you so that you will again love to watch it and show it to your loved ones.

Raw footage up to   min: $ 5

Raw footage up to 10 min: $ 20

Raw footage up to 20 min: $ 35

Raw footage up to 30 min: $ 52

Raw footage up to 40 min: $ 60

Raw footage up to 60 min: $ 75

Raw footage up to 90 min: $ 100

This price is just an estimate how much it will cost you. Each and every project is unique and the actual price will be decided after you have explained to me what exactly I will have to deliver to you.

With "raw" footage I mean either edited/un-edited footage.
Please don't forget that the final editing is almost as good as how the footages are filmed. If the footages are too shaky and everything is out of frame then not much can be done. Of course I will do everything to make it better that is what I am here for.

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask me without any obligation!!