I will give you targeted lead generation and provide market research lists

give you targeted lead generation and provide market research lists
give you targeted lead generation and provide market research lists
give you targeted lead generation and provide market research lists
give you targeted lead generation and provide market research lists
pdf page as image
pdf page as image

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Description 10 cities or categories! 100 cities or categories 300 cities or categories
  You can choose 1 business category in 10 cities, 2 categories in 5 cities or any other combination! This bundle is meant to cover all categories in one city, but you can split up the 100 if you'd like Same as the basic package, but with 400 categories or cities!
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
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About This Gig

I will help you succeed! 

Do you have a lead database or spreadsheet started for your marketing? 

Let us build yours for you!

Most businesses already use Google to find their customers, let us do that for you!

Marketing research is vital to identifying business opportunities and generating more leads, sales and conversions. Target exact types of businesses in specific locations and have your list built for you!

No matter your marketing strategy, our gig is focused on helping you achieve your business goals and achieve maximum results by giving you the foundation for your marketing that will work for a long time, for just $5. 

All spreadsheets come with:

  • Type of Business

  • Business Name

  • Address

  • Website

  • Phone Number

  • Email Addresses

  • Number of Employees extra

  • Website Alexa Ranking

  • Customizations! (contact for custom offer)

You can see the main business types supported in the images of this gig, and there is a link after you purchase. There are hundreds of alternatives! 

You can see an example of the data you will get attached here to this gig as a PDF.

This data is built using Google Places APIs, publicly available LinkedIn data and advanced web scraping technology.

Contact me to discuss any custom offers!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will these leads come with email addresses?
    Yes, as long as the business has a registered domain (website does not have to be working). I will crawl the DNS records for the domain, and attempt to crawl multiple pages in the website to locate any valid email addresses.
  • Is there a limit on how many leads you will provide?
    No. I will give you ALL of the leads found in any category, for any city. This number varies from city to city of course, but I will give you the complete results and NOT charge extra for a completed list.
  • Can I ONLY choose categories from the list in the PDF?
    NO! You are not limited to ONLY using those categories :) You may choose any business category you can think of, and if you are not sure what is best, you can choose my gig extra where I will examine your business and choose the best categories for you.
  • Can you get data for leads outside of the USA?
    Yes! My software can gather data from any country in the world, except China (thanks to the Great Firewall). I have built data sets for people in Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, and of course the USA. The possibilities are endless.
  • How do you match your LinkedIn Company Data
    I first attempt to use the name of the company, if there's no exact match I will attempt to use the phone number registered for the company and/or the URL of the companies listed website on both platforms.
  • What makes your web scraping technology unique?
    My software will scan the source code of the home page and examine every link found. I will then check for sitemaps using standard paths and common site organization practices. They are checked for any and all contact pages, about us pages, team pages or staff directory listings, which are scanned.
  • Can you also check the websites found for [insert custom request here]?
    Yes! :D This is software I've written myself. I can make any tweaks necessary to do things such as: check sites for booking engines, website types and more!