I will draw your pet into digital oil painting

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by benjiro_0 4 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by timjpearson 9 months ago
The picture is incredible - would highly recommend!!
Reviewed by erinsample 10 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by bse156 11 months ago
The best dog in the whole world. Shiloh never complained about anything even though going through a lot his last days with a sickness that no vet could diagnose. Loved that dog to the end. I pray that I will see him in heaven...the sweetest soul I will ever know.
Reviewed by doubleduty007 11 months ago
Another great job. Thanks!
Reviewed by gojirasan 12 months ago
Great work Ka Tung!!
Reviewed by lucasyee 11 months ago
I saw a fellow corgi lover's photo on facebook that was created to look like a portrait. I LOVED it, and she immediately directed me to kang_untung on Fiverr. I LOVE THIS. This artist does beautiful work. I will order many more in the future!! Thank you!!
Reviewed by doubleduty007 12 months ago
Amazing work! Couldnt be happier.
Reviewed by sesimmons 12 months ago
Great job Kang! Loved the final product.
Reviewed by stevegreenawalt 12 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by mikestarkey about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by constuffer01 about 1 year ago
She's beautiful
Reviewed by stevekeal about 1 year ago
These pictures will serve as memories of my beloved pets.
Reviewed by stevekeal about 1 year ago
Absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait to frame it and put it on a wall in my home.
Reviewed by yrtria about 1 year ago
Very nice picture and a bargain for that price!
Reviewed by oakbeach72 about 1 year ago
Great job! Thank you very much!!
Reviewed by johnhales about 1 year ago
Awesome job. Love it!
Reviewed by gklausod about 1 year ago
Love the result, thank you very much
Reviewed by wouter_van_ek over 1 year ago
Another great job !
Reviewed by antkuku over 1 year ago
draw your pet into digital oil painting
draw your pet into digital oil painting
draw your pet into digital oil painting

About This Gig

Hello my friends,..
with my skill and experience in photo editing, I would offer something that might make you interested. Yeah,.. i will draw your pets into digital oil painting only for $5. you can print it on T-shirts ,canvas or used as wallpaper, etc.

The price is for 1 animal with style and background in my concept. if you have any request you can check my extra gigs performance or contact me in message.

I need your picture in good quality, not blurry, etc. 

Finally you will get picture in High Resolution 300dpi in JPEG/JPG format with image size as your requested.