I will answer one question about your future

answer one question about your future

About This Gig

I am what is commonly called a psychic, and I am blessed with the ability to sense people's likely future by looking at their photo. Send me yours, and something you would like to know about your future and I will do a reading and provide you with the answers you seek.

If you are unsure of what you should be doing, or about what will happen next in your life, I can give you more information, and advise you on issues that may arise because of the path you are currently on.

I will only tell you what I read from the photo. My answers to your questions will be short, concise but hopefully give you the information you need. Example questions include;

1) Am i with the right person?
2) I am looking for a new career. What area should I try?
3) Will I find someone soon?

My typical answers are 100 words. I don't use special software nor do i request more information. I also won't waste anyone's time or money by filling in details or unnecessary 'psychic fluff'.

If you have more than one question, please see the gig extras. If you have follow up questions after the reading is delivered, please order a new Gig. If you are afraid of the answers you might receive, please don't order this Gig.