I will write backend web services using java

write backend web services using java
write backend web services using java

About This Gig

I'm an experienced developer/Software Engineer of well reputed sri lankan IT company

I'm Developing back-end web services using java

Since we're using REST Web Service , When we develop back-end web services using java for your project , Request and Responses will be handling as JSON Objects
Other related services are

  • Jax-rs - RESTfull Service Writing
  • Bonecp - Creating database connection
  • Log4J - Log files writing
  • ActiveMQ - Publisher Subscriber (Pushing Message when user log into system)
  • Editing / Maintaining / Updating
  • A-Z Web Server Configuration


Web Server should provide - AMAZON ec2 or other related proper web server


  • MySQL server will be use throughout the project to Handle Database
  • Git location can be configure according to client requirement

Please clearly mention your following details

  1. Format of Web services request and web service response ,
  2. Type of request and responses messages (JSON or SOAP or etc)
  3. What should be exactly happening inside the service (for a example if web service request : add two integers, 
then we can write service to add those numbers and return response value )

Just leave a message and i will get in touch with you ASAP.

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