I will balance all your elements for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
balance all your elements
balance all your elements

About This Gig


Each of us is a unique blend of 5 elements - ether, fire, earth, wind and water. Elements are energetic building brick of our body. 
Having them in balance makes a great impact on our well being: 

  • Natural energy flow is restored
  • Energy blocks are removed
  • All aspect of our lives are thoroughly cleansed
  • We are more in peace, more in touch with ourselves
  • Loving, creative, inspirational, positive, refreshed
  • Intuition is emphasizes
  • Our health is greatly benefited
  • And many more...

When done regularly for prolonged time it can greatly affect our aging process and can even reverse it.

This is a very basic and ancient wisdom with immense power of transformation. Changes are made at a cellular level so effects are quickly noticeable. Being balanced is also a key in path to enlightenment.

For the basic gig I'm doing complete transformation and balancing of all elements.

If you want me to work on a specific problem or you want a individual session please check out extras or my other gigs.