I will balance all your elements

balance all your elements

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  Refresh your energies and get balanced. Best for weekly sustain. Make a change you always wanted, heal, get better, live happier life! A full cycle with lots of potential. A complete makeover, a life changer.
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About This Gig


Each of us is a unique blend of 5 elements - ether, fire, earth, wind and water. Elements are energetic building bricks of our body. 
Having them in balance makes great impact on our well being: 

  • Natural energy flow is restored
  • Energy blocks are removed
  • We are more in peace, more in touch with ourselves
  • Loving, creative, inspirational, positive, refreshed
  • Intuition is emphasizes
  • Our health is greatly benefited
  • And many more...

When done regularly for prolonged time it can greatly affect our aging process and can even reverse it.

I'm working with ancient wisdom that has immense power of transformation. Changes are made at a cellular level so effects are quickly noticeable, even after one session.

For the basic gig I'm doing complete transformation and balancing of all elements.

I highly recommend the premium package as 4 sessions are a full cycle. It really makes the difference (especially if this is your first time).