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create a Light portal

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Description Portal Portal + Attunement Private Portal
  Portal + practical instructions like energizing water, healing, etc... Basic perks + attunement. Being attuned to portal makes you take the most out of it. Portal in your private place and all extras included
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Light portals are powerful energy sources of Paramatman light that bridge the gap between matter and spirit.

This Light of the Source balances, transforms and raises vibration of surrounding space which leads to significant positive change in a very short period of time.

Although about 100 meters in radius they often affect as far as few kilometers from the center.

For basic gig only public places are accepted! Fear not, having a portal close to your home is almost as if its in your living room.

All locations are excellent but my suggestions are:
  • Places with high people traffic and stress (squares, malls, temples, traffic circles, etc...)
  • Places in need of harmony (ruins, industrial complex, ...)
  • Indoor or outdoor water sources - energizes and purifies water
  • Meditation room
  • Places in nature (parks, creeks, peeks) are most grateful and become filled with life

Portals bring exceptional global and personal welfare:
  • The energy capacity of body is significantly increased
  • Human limitations get dissolved
  • Health greatly improves
  • Harmony, inspiration and joy returns into everyone's lives

I do Light portal workshops where you'll learn how to create them. If you are interested, let me know!