I will recharge and program your crystal

recharge and program your crystal
recharge and program your crystal

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Description Natural reset Best friend Divine friend
  Resetting crystal to natural state and creating protective layer Basic perks + power amplification Standard package + specific program
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About This Gig


In the beautiful world of gems and crystals, their ability to store vast amounts of information is what benefits us most. Besides their appealing looks and intriguing shapes and forms, what touches us deeply is their energy, their essence.

Keeping your crystals clean and charged is a way to balanced, more harmonic life as they, forever radiating, attune their surrounding to their vibration.

In my work I use knowledge of sacred geometry applied across multiple dimensions to weave the perfect blend of energies into the crystal structure and seal it permanently. This allows me to attune crystals to a very profound, divine level.

For the basic gig crystal will be energetically cleansed, returned to its natural state, attuned to at least fifth dimension and fully charged.

If you want more complex blends to be imprinted into your crystal please check out exstras or contact me!