I will photo Shop, and Edit Your Photos

photo Shop, and Edit Your Photos

About This Gig

Imagine having a really good picture, then you realize you need to add something to it... but you don't know what! That problem is now solved! All you need to do is e-mail us your photos, and we'll fix that right up for you! imagine yourself floating on a cloud! we can make that happen! or what about a crock in your wall with a monster behind it! we can do anything you can imagine to your photos. so send us a photo in the pose you want to be in for the picture and we will edit it. if you want to be flying or floating do the pose on a chair. if you just wanna add something interesting to your picture then make sure you like your background. make sure lighting is fairly good so the photo isn't grainy. that about it! so if you would like to add something cool to your photo then we can do that for you very quickly! add  us on instagram @oh_avi and @kaybaexox

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10 days delivery