I will create a custom FUN fill in the blank vowel puzzle

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Description Minimum number of rows. Normal number of rows. High number of rows.
  You will get 3 puzzles with 3-7 rows and columns each (specify). You will get 3 puzzles with 8-12 rows and columns each (specify). You will get 3 puzzles with 13-15 rows and columns each (specify).
Delivery Time 3 days 3 days 3 days

About This Gig

This is HexaVowel! I will create FUN and CHALLENGING custom fill-in-the-blank hexagonal vowel puzzles for you. Each black hexagon has six spots surrounding it. Each of these six spots will have one vowel in it (A, E, I, O, U, Y), with each vowel appearing only once around each black hexagon. These hexagonal groups of six vowels will naturally overlap each other throughout the puzzle. Vowels from different groups must not conflict with vowels of other groups. Only one of a particular vowel will occupy each individual spot.

The number of rows will always equal the number of columns in a puzzle. You may choose three puzzles with 3-7 rows/columns each,  three puzzles with 8-12 rows/columns each, or three puzzles with 13-15 rows/columns each. Please specify the exact number of rows/columns each puzzle will have. Solutions are provided free.

All puzzles and their solutions are provided as PDF files. However, I will provide them as JPG if requested. Each order will be fulfilled in no more than three days. They will be sent to your Fiverr Inbox.

Feel free to ask any questions. Please let me know your thoughts and opinion on my puzzles, along with any suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I design one of the hexagonal groups?
    Yes! You may design the first hexagonal group I make for each puzzle. The rest of the groups are built around this one, so you may have a slight influence on how the others get laid out. Provide me with the order of the six vowels, starting with the top spot and working clockwise.
  • Can the puzzles in my package each have a different number of rows and columns?
    Yes indeed! For example, if you choose the Normal package then simply specify the number of rows/columns, from 8 through 12, that you want for the first puzzle, then specify the number for the second puzzle, then specify the number for the third puzzle. It's that easy!