I will provide up to 10 gift suggestions

provide up to 10 gift suggestions
pdf page as image
pdf page as image

About This Gig

Office hours: Sundays 5 PM to 10 PM Pacific time

Place the order of your choice and give the required information which will help me in selecting gifts (or determine styles of gifts) for your recipient.  I will then contact you back with my suggestions, where to buy them (brick and mortar or online) and explain why I like them...


International buyers: Please be aware that I am only familiar with stores that are available in the United States.  If you would like to order from me just follow the gift type that I describe in my report so that you can find similar items if you can't find the exact item I mention.

All buyers: I recommend allowing 3 days for in store shopping when planning out your order with me.  

Keep in mind that you may need to plan your order on a larger time frame to allow for online/mail orders from retailers.  

 My price ranges do not included the cost of shipping. 

Product "type" are given to help you find similar items when you can't find the item I select for you.

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