I will type up to 10 pages for $5

/ 4 Days On Average
type up to 10 pages
type up to 10 pages

About This Gig

Do you have a lot of scanned or handwritten notes from training courses or presentations you have attended that you need typed?  Then you have come to the right place.  I am a fast and accurate typist. If you would like any document typed I can do this work for you, 10 pages per gig. 

I will type up written text and send it to you in a word document from:

  • Handwritten notes
  • Scanned materials


  • If more than 10 pages need to be typed, please click on the down arrow and order the required number of gigs. 
  •  If it is a handwritten document, please provide sample of the document for assessment ahead of placing the order. 
  • If you need your document typed  urgently within 24 hours please purchase the number of gigs as well as the GIG EXTRA - Extra Fast Delivery
  • If you need your document delivered within 3 days please get my GIG EXTRA - Deliver within 3 days. 
  • For instance if there are 30 pages to be typed please order 3 gigs (3 x 10 pages) in addition to the gig extra (extra fast)

        "But please make certain, you place orders for every 10 pages."