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  Attorney drafted credit repair system; collections, charge-offs, repos and late payments. $100 value Receive all of the basic repair gig package plus 5 day deletion and HIPPA letters. Save $20! Receive my entire collection of letters. Sold at my practice for $495.00. 1 month free support.
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About This Gig

These 20 powerful credit repair documents are all you need to dispute and win against both creditors and credit bureaus. 

Attorney drafted with a 90% proven success rate!  400+ Positive reviews! 


  • Step by step user guide
  • Attorney drafted dispute letter
  • Credit bureau deletion letter
  • Intent to file legal action
  • Proof of debt 
  • Removing hard inquires. 


  • All of basic 
  • My most popular gig; how to remove negative items in 5 days 
  • Delete medical deletions using HIPPA laws
  • Save $20 for a limited time only. 


  • Receive my entire collection of letters we sell for $495 at my firm plus 1 month of questions answered. 


$10 more I will provide you even more letters proven to dispute and ultimately win against medical creditors. 

$20 more I will send you a proven and powerful way to remove negative items within 5 days. How would you like to have 50+ more points in 5 days? 

$20 more I will send you my bankruptcy removal pack.  

These are the best DIY credit repair letters available, with proven success.

Order now and start improving your FICO immediately.


400+ POSITIVE REVIEWS - Don't be fooled by people stealing my work.  They can't offer the same attorney guidance as I can.   

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes your letters different?
    My letters are not run of the mill credit repair letters. I worked many years as an attorney for a collections company so I know what gets items deleted and what doesn't. Others have tried to steal, however they can't offer the same ongoing advise as me. They are simply here to make a quick buck
  • Long term advise?
    Because I'm a licensed attorney and I know the laws I can answer most questions very quickly and with correct answers. This gig is to help people not make me rich. You can ask me a questions as long as you ordered a gig and I always respond, hence why I have over 400 positive reviews.
  • Can you offer me personalized letters?
    I can. However, I always recommend sending my fiverr system out first. Once this is completed and you received answers back from the bureau's I can offer you custom letters. This way we take care of the easy stuff first so you only pay me for the difficult disputes. Win win for both of us.