I will reveal a shockingly DIRTY json file that Trump would love

reveal a shockingly DIRTY json file that Trump would love
reveal a shockingly DIRTY json file that Trump would love

About This Gig

Don't even ask why I put this file together. Suffice it to say, I got plenty of use out of it.

This shockingly dirty list of bad words is based on George Carlin's list of words you can't say. Therefore, it's completely, utterly, totally, and without a doubt politically incorrect. 

If you're easily offended, you will be offended. If it's moderately easy to offend you...you will be offended.

If you're in the demographic of people who vote for Trump, enjoy watching Jackass movies with their kids to get ideas for school projects, and throw cans of baked beans into bonfires (don't do that, it's dumb and can get you seriously injured or killed), then you'll probably find this list worth a chuckle or more.

What's useful about it is that it's in JSON format, which means you can use it in your web programs.

You could spice up your codebase with some politically incorrect First Amendment speech...

Litter your Github with grinding tools and salami...

Add a little beef to your cabbage patch...

If this description is tickling your tent peg or heating up your steam room, you might need to spend the five bucks just to tell your friends...

This JSON list is awful...and so are you for ordering. Thanks!

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The dirtiest JSON file on the planet...revealed

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this a joke?
    Yes. And it's a real JSON file, too.
  • Why did you make this file?
    I already told you. I won't tell you that. But it did come in useful.
  • I don't get the point.
    Move along then...
  • Can I use this in my open source project?
    Yes. And without attribution. There is no license whatsoever attached to this file. But I did create it myself using freely available information on the Internet.
  • Can I modify it?
    Are you this anal about everything?
  • I think you're a bad person.
    Thank you.
  • How old are you? You sound totally immature.
    Almost 38. And thank you.
  • Are you a dumb guy?
    My gender is male. My mating target selectors acquire females.
  • Why are you evading some of these questions?
    Are you always this annoying? Or is it just during a full moon?
  • What if I get famous with this file? Do I have to give you credit?
    If you get famous with this, society has officially collapsed.